1.--Please pass me a pen---.--Here you are.A.to write an art


1.--Please pass me a pen___.--Here you are.A.to write an articleB.to write an article with
2.have fun后加动词用doing sth还是to do sth
3.-You are leaving your school .How do you like it?-Very much,of course,I__this school since I moved here.A.have been to B.have been at
4.I live in the house __windows face the south.A.which B.whose C.where
5.connect with和connect to的区别
6.There is a __to Dr Sun Yat-sen in Nanjing.A.memorial B.tomb
7.If he __to college,he__a lot more.A.goes,will learn B.is going,is going to learn
8.We will work__we are needed.A.whenever B.because C.wherever
9.As time passed by,the potatoes__bad and smelt very terrible.A.turned B.went
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B 还原一下语序是 write an article with a pen
doing 伴随的动作
B 现在完成时用延续性动词 自从我搬到这我一直在这所学校 have been to是 曾经去过某地 只是短暂停留的意思
B whose 在这里引导 定语从句 先行词 是house 物资的窗户 是所有格形式 所以用 whose
connect with是和……有关,和……有联系 的意思.如:He is connected with the murder.那件谋杀案和他有关.也可以这样用:connect sth./sb with sb./sth.
connect to 的意思是 把……连接到……如:Please connect the computer to internet.把电脑连到因特网上
A memorial是纪念碑的意思 tomb 是坟墓的意思
A主句用一般将来时,从句用一般现在时.if 引导从句 表假设
A这个看语义 不管什么时候 只要需要我们 我们就会工作.
B go+形容词 可表示事情或者人事物变坏 变质 变遭 腐烂 一般是向着不好的方向发展 所以形容词一般是 带贬义的.
再问: 可能是书上的答案错了?1题是A,7题是B,6题是B,提优名卷有极大的质量问题?不过6题是B,孙中山的坟墓。不过谢谢了