Is the World Cup Good or Bad


Is the World Cup Good or Bad
I think it's good,but many friends think it's bad.
Can you talk about your idears
I mean the World Cup is good or bad for a country?Does it influence a country's economy ,education,society ,politics,cuture relationship and so on?
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It's good.
The World Cup is a football banquet.If you are srong enough,you are able to have a seat in this fantastic banquet and to perform on this stage.
It's a chance for every country to display its own football charm and meanwhile it brings us beautiful visual pictures,the beauty of the football.
It amazes us in our bored lives.It trancends races,cournties and times.It unifies us to shout for the same thing,to be excited for the same thing,to be upset for the same thing...In a word,it makes our lives colourful.
But a coin has two sides,the World Cup has its disadvantages,such as football rascals,illegal gamble and so on.It needs not only the authorities to make the effore,but us to purify and protect out World Cup.It belongs to every human being who loves the football.
So,don't hurt it and enjoy it.