求三分钟英语演讲~关于country/city life的英语演讲稿和关于如何庆祝节日的演讲稿关于country lif


关于country/city life的英语演讲稿和关于如何庆祝节日的演讲稿
关于country life或city life的英语演讲稿和关于如何庆祝节日(最好
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1.Hello everyone,my topic of the speech for today is "City Life and Country Life".
Why do people choose to live in the cities today?The reason is:in the cities,we have more opportunities.In cities there are many shops.There is no problem if you need to buy something.If it isn't in one shop you can go to another one.In the village there are usually only few shops and even the only one with the necessary foods.But cities aren't only centres of shopping but there are also many offices.Of course all the good schools are in cities.People in the cities can find a now job more easily than people in the country.After all,a job opportunity is one of the most important reasons why to move to the city.But many people from cities say they would love living in the country.I agree with them.
2.Many citizens like to live in the city.City folks like the conveniences and comforts of the big city.It is convenient to get around in the city by bus or taxicab.There are many taxicabs in most cities.
Cities have many schools for children,young people and adults.Adults can go to class at night to learn to read and write better,and to be trained for better jobs.Every large city has at least one college.Adults as well as young people have the chance to go to college.
Citizens of cities have convenient medical services.There are many good doctors to give these medical services.There are many policemen in the cities.The police protect the citizens.
The city has many kinds of entertainment.There are film shows,plays,concerts,parades,and many other kinds of entertainment.There are many places to visit.Many adults like the entertainment and comforts found in a city.
But some of our citizens like the country better.They say the country has many comforts,too.Most homes in the country have electricity.They have electric ice boxes and electric stoves.The country has many more conveniences and comforts than it once had.
The country has space for people to do things.People who live in the country have space to plant flowers and space to keep animals.Some people like to have space in which they can move around freely.
People in the country get lots of exercise when they work on the land.Children get lots of exercise by working or riding their bicycles to school.In the country there are fewer accidents and people do not need so many policemen to protect them.Living in the country is clean and quiet.
Where would you rather live,in the city or country?


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