lucy ( )painting.A,finish B,finishs C,finishes


lucy ( )painting.A,finish B,finishs C,finishes
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因为lucy 是第三人称单数,所以动词加S,因为以sh 结尾,所以加es


[ 英语 ] our future life英语作文怎么写?

our future life英语作文一     With the development of science and technology, our lives have changed a lot in the past century. Many things that woul dn't happen bef


[ 英语 ] 哪些动词后面跟动名词,哪些后面跟不定式?

        1、只要记住几个常用动词的首字母谐音“不是没咖啡(PSMEICAFE)”基本就涵盖了高中阶段哪些动词后面接动名词了.常用单词如下:   P — practise(实施/练习),pretend(假装),prevent(防止)   S — suggest(建议),stop(阻止/停止)   M —


[ 英语 ] How to spend a Meaningful summer holiday英语作文怎么写?

How to spend a Meaningful summer holiday英语作文一     Different people may have different ways of spending a meaningful summer holiday.I think I must finish doing m


[ 英语 ] as..as中间可以加的副词还有哪些?

     as...as意为"和……一样",表示同级的比较。使用时要注意第一个as为副词,第二个as为连词。其基本结构为:as+ adj./ adv. +as。      as soon as :意思是"一.就.",引导一个时间状语从句.如:I'll call you as soon as I finish my ho


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阅读的重要性英语作文一     A good book is the essence of human thought.People need to constantly absorbing nutrition from the book,enrich their minds,enhance their own qua


[ 英语 ] 我的作息时间英语作文怎么写?

我的作息时间英语作文一     I get up at half past six in the morning.After breakfast I help my parents do some housework.Then I do my homework.I go to visit my friends and


[ 英语 ] A plan for my summer holiday的英语小作文不少于五句话

A plan for my summer holiday作文一     I am going to have a busy summer holiday because I will do my homework every day so that I can finish doing it as quickly as


[ 英语 ] 用所给的英语单词造句

一、 1.What do you like?   你喜欢什么? 2.What do you want to do?   你想做什么? 3.What do you prefer doing?   你喜欢做什么? 4.What do you mean?   你什么意思? 5.What do you do?   你是做什么工


[ 英语 ] 对朋友的感谢英语作文怎么写?

对朋友的感谢英语作文一      I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for your help when I was in difficulty. You have been very kind


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  寒假的打算英语作文一     The winter vacation is coming,I have made a plan for my vacation.I want to spend time with my family,so I will return to my hometown .I am


[ 英语 ] 关于春节大扫除的英语作文怎么写?

  关于春节大扫除的英语作文一     the winter holiday began today. the spring festival will come soon. so my sister and i decided to help our mother to clean the room.   


[ 英语 ] 我的寒假计划英语作文怎么写?

我的寒假计划英语作文一     How time flies, unconsciously the next winter vacation will soon come.In order to improve myself as well as enjoy a happy holiday, I made the wi


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读书使我快乐英语作文一     Learning english can be a very difficult task for most people, this is because we dont live in a environment where we are forced to speak or wri


[ 英语 ] 跪求50个主谓宾结构的英语句子

1、I love the book.The book is my friend.我喜欢这本书.这本书是我的朋友.(名词作主语) 2、Mother is a teacher.妈妈是一名教师.(系表作谓语)  3、She likes music.她喜欢音乐.(动词作谓语)  4、He learns English well


[ 英语 ] 在什么情况下动词用三单形式?

      动词用不用第三人称单数形式要看句子的主语是什么,前面的主语是三人称单数的时候,动词就要用第三人称单数.如果前面的主语是第一人称或者第二人称,或者是复数形式的话,就用动词原形.     主语为第三人称单数指的是:     1.he\she\it     2.个人名、地名、称呼做主语


[ 英语 ] 元旦节快到了,请以“We are helpful”为题写一篇作文。

参考一      I'm so happy that i have a winter vacation,and i become more helpful .before the spring festival,my family prepared many food and things,i help them to


[ 英语 ] 请帮我找几篇平安夜的英语作文,300字左右

参考一     December 24 last year, my mother and I spent a happy night.I remember that night, bright lights on the streets, steady stream of vehicles. As my mother


[ 英语 ] 第三人称是由什么构成?

作主语:他——he  她——she  它——it 作宾语:他——him  她——her  它——it 在一般现在时中,当主语是第三人称单数时,谓语动词要用第三人称单数形式,即常在动词原形后加-s或es。   一般现在时——动词第三人称单数形式构成规则 1、大多数动词在词尾加“S”如: ①stop-stops


[ 英语 ] 求简单的英语小故事,要英汉互译还要读出来。

第一篇 A tiger is hungry,he is looking for food.He sees a frog in front of him. 一只老虎很饥饿,他正在寻找食物。他看到一只青蛙在他前面。 "Haha!A frog!My dinner!"so he rushes at the frog. “哈哈!


[ 英语 ] 制定学习计划与学习目标,英语作文

  第一篇     As a middle school student, my study burden is heavier than before. Therefore,I must make a good plan for my study to make the effort effective a