the murder----(happen) on a cold night


the murder____(happen) on a cold night
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happened happen是不及物动词,没有被动形式的


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     同义词:what a cold day today!今天真冷!    What a cold day!How修饰形容词或副词,what修饰名词。    所谓同义句转换就是将一个句子用另一种形式表达出来,而且意思不变.因此,掌握的句型越多,做


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To:Tony From:Li Hua Subject:Visiting a Chinese family Hi!Tony, I'm very glad to know that you will visit Beijing.Now it is cold.Sometimes it snows,you can bring


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     rural area的意思是农村。      rural area的近义词是countryside 乡下      rural area的反义词是urban area城市地区      如果单独是area,意思就是乡下的、农村的、田园的。前者是名词,后者是形容词。        rural area


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     certainly的意思是肯定,当然,无疑,确定。      certainly的同义词有:sure、without doubt、of course、that's to be sure 。这些词都是表肯定,当然的意思。      certainly的反义词是uncertainly,意思是犹豫不决地,没把握地。


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第一篇      To make love growIt took me years tolearn that the love surrounding our family didn't just happen. We had to learn about love from one another.In fact,


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第一篇     I and my good friend at a picnic to the park when his foot twisted on the road, you had him first aid.      We let him calm himself, sitting on the floo


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第一篇     My favorite season is summer. Spring is often rain. Fall is usually wind. Winter is too cold. So I like summer. In summer, I can go swimming and eat ice


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  本段现在进行时的构成  现在进行时的构成是:主语〔现在分词〕形式      第一人称单数I+am+ing.      第一人称复数We+are+ing.      第二人称单(复)数 You+are+ing      第三人称单数 He(She,i


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参考一       Our Housing Estate    There are many nice housing estates in Pudong New Area. Our housing estate Rainbow Estate, is one of them.     You can see three


[ 英语 ] There be+主语+介词短语表示什么?

    “there be...”句型是存在句的常用基本结构,there在句中处于主语位置,起形式主语的作用,真正的主语是随后的名词词组。其谓语动词通常是be的各种时、体等形式。     1. there + 情态助动词 + be表示 “预见”、“可能”、“必然”或“过去习惯存在”等。如:      There mig


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参考一     Canada, whose capital city is Ottawa, lies in North America with the United States on its south, and on the other sides, it is surrounded by the sea. De