dear mike
sorry to hear that you are feeling upset these days.…
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sorry to hear that you are feeling upset these days,i know you are under great pressure for you want to admit by an excellent university.Don't be so dyphoria,my friend,it is nomal to our senior high school students. You can reduced pressure by listening to the music,or go out of your school to let yourself into the nature feeling the world and our lives.Just be yourself ,nothing can defeat you.School work just a piece of cake,dob't let them make you down.If you still feel unhappy,you can tell me ,i will help you be relaxed.
Your faithful
Li Hua


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Dear Peter,It's been summer holiday again.How are u going these days?I had an idea to invite you to China to spend this summer holiday.You can take both airplan


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俊狼猎英团队为您解答.the Way to Keep HealthyDear Li Hua,Hello.Thanks fo your e-mail.I would like to give you some advice on how to keep healthy.In my opinion,first, it is


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I had an unforgetble experience this summer. During the summer vacation i took part in the American Summer Camp which lasted for ten days. There were more than


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Dear Linda, I'm glad to hear from you .As for learning Chinese,you should listen and read Chinese materials as much as possibible,and take useful notes in class


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Dear friends:I'm your friend li hua, I heard you take an exam recently, you on the exam some anxiety, I think I can give you some advice:1, you usually result a


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I really had an unforgetble experience this summer. During the summer vacation i took part in the American Summer Camp which lasted for ten days. There were mor


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May,16Dear Zhangming ,I have heard that you will visit you American friend.I will tell you something you must pay attention to.First,you should bring some small


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September 1,2008 was a bad day I will nerver forget. This I got up a little bit late because I stayed up last night for watching soap opera,I completed all bath


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The tourism is a kind of good activitieshealthful .Go out for a walk can appreciate the scenerybreathe fresh air,still can make friends.before traveling to know


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Dear Dennis, I'm very happy to get your letter. It's good to hear about your beautiful new school and friendly teachers! A nice, humorous person like you don't


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Dear Jelly,I hope you are doing well recently.As the New Year Holiday is coming next week,and I kindly invite you and your family can spend the holiday together


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I am Lihuang. I had a summer camp in America during the 2010 Summer Holiday. Even if it cost ten days, I feel it unforgetable in my life. Now I am ready to shar


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哦 还有就是,我目前上的ABC夭下英语的导师和我们说过 就是想将英语学好很简单的 必须要拥有一个好的研习环境以及闇练口语对象,重点就是老师教学经验,纯正欧美口音才行 坚持每日口语交流,1对1加强化教学才会有更.好.的学习成效;上完课仍要复习听取录音文档 好巩固知识点 实在是真的无口语交谈的人,那么就去听力室或大耳朵获得


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Dear DavidHow are you? I am lihua, a Chinese I have already know about your wish on the Internet. I am also interested in Chinese culture. I want to make friend


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Dear Tom, I'm writing to tell you that an earthquake drill was held in our school yesterday. After we had two classes, our teacher gave us some instructions on


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Possible Version 1 Dear Arthur,     It's three weeks since you fell ill.I guess you have suffered a lot in the hospital,but are you feeling


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Dear Tom,I am so sorry that I cannot travel to Beijing with you next week. I have to stay in Shanghai because ...(eg. my dog has a fever, etc.). If it is possib


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you have not come here,and live with so many people from a different contry,maybe you can not suit for it.Let me help you with this problem!First you can try tu