impact of smart phone



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Smart phone is an invention that has a great influence on our life and study, but every coin has two sides, the influence of it has both good side and bad side. 

First of all, it has brought a lot of convenience to our study. Usually, when we encounter difficulties in our study, we can use our mobile phone to query information on the Internet. Through this way, we can understand a lot of knowledge. Mobile phone not only can help us study but also bring more fun to our life, for example, when we are bored, we can with our mobile phones play games, watch movies, listen to music and so on. 

On the contrary, when mobile phones bring a huge convenience in our life and learning, it also caused a serious harm to our young students group. After the emergence of smart phones, many junior high school students, high school students and college students spend a lot of time in play on mobile phones, so they spend in learning time less; this resulted in the decline in their performance.    In particular, our college students who has smart phones take photos with a mobile phone instead of taking notes, which resulted in the aggravation of the lazy behavior of college students. 

In summary, as a college student in the modern society, we want to rational treatment of smart phones, reasonable use a mobile phone, using smart phone good for us to make our life and study better.