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     I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for your help when I was in difficulty. You have been very kind and helpful since we knew each other.

     Last week,I caught a bad cold and had to stay at home for a week. When I was worrying about the lessons,you came to my home after school and helped me with every subject. With your help, I didn’t fall behind others.

     Again, thanks so much for your enthusiastic help.Even though you are to about to go abroad for further education I know that I will always stay in touch with you. I wish you every success in the future and I hope we can exchange more viewpoints on study.

     Please keep in touch, and drop in and visit us whenever you are in this part of the world.










     I often think of the last three months of 2011, when I sat in the study room to review hard and prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination. Repeat every day

     It's almost the same thing, so reviewing is boring, boring and boring. But I still appreciate that time and that.

     Some people. I thank my deskmate, thank them for reading with me every day, thank them for discussing problems with me. I thank you.

     My roommates, get up early every day to wash, disturb their dreams, thank them for their understanding and tolerance. Thank you all the more.

     My good friend is that he gets up early every day to help me occupy my seat, so that I can still sit in my favorite seat when my seat is tense Up. Thank you for your efforts to urge me, can not relax, inspire me to move forward. Thank you to my classmates.

     Thank you for doing so much for me. Thank my parents, too. Thank you for your support and encouragement. Life Gives

     While I was frustrated, I was also given strength, and I had another experience. Don't lose spring because of the cold in winter

     The hope of heaven. With a grateful heart, you will have no complaints, no jealousy, no resentment, you will also.

     Have a calm and indifferent heart! Try to experience with a grateful heart, you will find a different life.

     我常常想起2011年最后的那3个月,那是我坐在自习室努力复习,准备考研的日子。每天重复做着几乎相同的事情,所以复习是枯燥的,无聊的,烦闷的。但是,我仍然感谢那段日子和那些人。我感谢我的同桌,谢谢他们每天和我一起静心看书,谢谢他们和我讨论问题。我感谢我的室友,每天很早起床洗漱,打扰到她们的美梦,谢谢他们的理解与包容。更要感谢我的好朋友,是他每天早起去帮我占座,让我在座位紧张的情况下,仍然能坐在自己喜欢的位子上。谢谢那些研友们,是你们的努力督促着我,不能放松,激励着我前进。感谢我的同学,谢谢你们帮我做了那么多的事。也要谢谢我的父母,谢谢你们的支持与鼓励。 生活给予我挫折的同时,也赐予了我坚强,我也就有了另一种阅历。不要因为冬天的寒冷而失去对春天的希望。拥有了一颗感恩的心,你就没有了埋怨,没有了嫉妒,没有了愤愤不平,你也就有了一颗从容淡然的心!试着用一颗感恩的心来体会,你会发现不一样的生活。






      The four seasons, flowers and flowers, life in the world, people are not alone.

      Because besides the parents, everyone has many friends around, we should be grateful to the parents for the grace, but we also have to be grateful to our friends. Because it is a friend that makes us feel the friendship of the world.

      Kinship, love and friendship are the most beautiful emotions of human beings.

      Compared with family and love, friendship is the most insipid of these three emotions. It is not like affection, nor is it like love. But friendship is the most powerful of the three. Many people can be your friends if you like, familiar and unfamiliar. Friendship, sometimes insipid and sometimes exciting, different times it has different beauty.

      Friendship can travel through time and space. Decades of time, stone wear, decades of time, enough to make the world witness the beauty of the pale. However, friendship in the passage of time, but can be like old wine, the longer the more fragrant. The friendship of youth, like a brush painting, the pursuit of the details of lifelike, even if there is a bit of defect, will affect the effect of the whole painting. The friendship of old age is like a painting of ink and ink, and the pursuit of the likeness. They each have their own characteristics, but they will not fade.

     A friend that makes us grateful, grateful friend call mind, like the earth gave us grateful friends bring us happiness like a flower, grateful friend like rain moisten our hearts, grateful friends like the cool breeze bring us relaxed.









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