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    Pollution is harmful to human beings. Polluted water causes many kinds of diseases And sometimes these diseases even take man's life. Dirty air or air-borne garbage causes stinging eyes and running nose. Pollutants are destructive. They cause runs in nylon stockings and crack rubber tires and they eat away at stone and rust iron. Measures have been taken to control pollution. In recent years, legislative steps have been introduced to control pollution. Rivers are being cleaned. Air is purified, and pollutants are being trapped before they are poured out of chimneys. However, pollution problems have not been completely solved. Pesticides are widely used almost everywhere. They pollute soil, water and food. They have the power to make our streams fishless and our gardens and woodlands silent and birdless. Some factories are still using air as a dumping place for wastes. Some lakes are still dirty. Quite a few chimneys are still pouring smoke into air and noise pollution remains serious.







    The environment around us is very important to us . Because it is where we live but it has been polluted recently. The water in the rivers has been polluted by dirty water from some factories,whcih has made fish die and people sick. More trees have been cut down to build houses,which has caused soil being carried away. The waste gas from the cars has increased the temperature of the earth. So we should try to take some measures to solve these problems. First we should take buses or ride bikes instead of cars for travelling . Second we should make all the people around us aware of the importance of protecting our environment . Only in this way can we have a better environment .















[ 英语 ] 请以“My favourite movie”为题写一篇不少于70词的英语作文



[ 英语 ] 以“how to get on well with our parents"为题写一篇不少于80词的英语作文.要点:说明

这个题目其实很简单,如过你是在学习英语的话 建议你自己写,这样才能让你的写作能力慢慢提高.不会什么都想别人请教,别人写出来的也不一定是好的


[ 英语 ] 以“My family"为题写一篇不少于80词的英语作文!

可不可以异想天开的?My family is very different from any other families.Of course,I suppose every family has some part different from all others.However,my family is much


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Different people have different habits of eating.Some like light food while others like hot food.I'd prefer light and nutritional food,such as all kinds of vege


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like spring festival very much. On the festival festival eve, my mother and father took me to my grandma and grandpa's home. I had a very delicious dinner. Afte


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My Favorite TV Program My favorite TV program is Animal World. We can watch the program every Sunday evening. The program tells us the story of animal life. We


[ 综合 ] 对奇装异服的看法为题写一篇不少于80词的英语作文

喔 顺便说一下,现在我报读的ABC夭下英语中心的导师和我提到,事实上要学好英语是轻松的~一定需要个好的研习环境跟实习口语对象 老师水平是关键,标准口音才行,保持每天口语学习 1 on 1加强化教学才能够有更.好.的学习效果。学习后需要重复温习课堂音频 来进一步深化知识 不过实在无口语交谈的人的环境,那么就到听力室或沪江


[ 综合 ] 以my dream 为题写一篇不少于80词的英语作文,要运用以下短语,in 10 year



[ 英语 ] 以my dream 为题写一篇不少于80词的英语作文,要运用以下短语,in 10 years,i will leave


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At home,father is just like a tree,or expose to wind and rain are quiet home take it all.Father plot is coming soon,I will draw cards prepared in advance,Stewed


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Lucky to meet you.It is always my greatest pleasure to meet such a person of eminence like you.I have long heard of you as a learned scholar in literature.I wou


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Every one has a vocation plans,so do I.I plan to go sightseeing about a week,Ihope to open my eyes to the outside world.Besides in order to enhance friendship (


[ 英语 ] 你最喜欢的歌星是谁?请你以My favorite singer为题写一篇不少于70词的英语作文.

吆. .My favorite singer is Yang Kun . ..此处略去六十词. .


[ 英语 ] the problem I have ever had为题写一篇不少于60词的英语作文 1.What was the p

The Problem I Have Ever HadRecently i have become worried about my appearance,and it is the problem i have ever had before.As i am a teenager young girl,i am gr


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1楼怎么变成怎么学英文了English is an international language which is recognised and used all over the world.Not only is it useful for us as a form of communication,it is a


[ 英语 ] 以last weekend为题写一篇不少于60词的英语作文,要求使用一般过去时

last weekendYesrerday was a fine day.We had lunch in a resturant.I play with my sister.She was very happy.At about two o'cock,we saw a film.THE film was very in


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The Spring Festival is the most important festival for Chinese and it's my favorite festival,too.Like Christmas in the West,all people living away from home go


[ 英语 ] 以"My favorite holiday"为题写一篇不少于60词的英语作文(初一下册)

My Favorite Holiday My favorite holiday is the Spring Festival.It is also named the Chinese New Year.The holiday comes in January or February.A series of colorf


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一、My hobby Different people have different hobbies ,such as reading and so on.But my hobby is listen to music and sports . I like music when i 10 years old . I