my special friend作文怎么写?



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my special friend作文一

    I have many friends.But my father is my special friend.He's not tall but he's very kind.In my life,he often helps me with my math and he's not feel tired.When I have trouble in doing something,he often encourages me a lot.On weekends,he always playing with me in the park.So it makes me feel very happy.He lets me feel love.In a word,I love him as the mouse loves the rice.






my special friend作文二

   I have a special friend.She has big eyes and long hair.She is tall and beautiful.She is a housewife.Every day she gets up early and plays badminton.Every night she goes to bed early.she is hearlthy.She likes playing volleyball and fishing very much.Her perfer fruit is acherrys.She likes best vegetable is eggplant.She birthday which is on November 25th.She often play with me.We eat togther and live togther.

  Who is she? She is my mother.







my special friend作文三

   Everyone has his own good friend. So do I.My best friend is Lilei.He is 16 years old . He has a round face with big eyes. And he looks very tall and thin.

   In our spare time we often play football together because we both like sports. Besides,he is good at not only English but also maths,but I am weak in maths.So he often helps me with it after school.

I still remember that he was ill last week and couldn`t go to school.So I went to his home to help him with his lessons after school every day.He felt very happy.

   I think good friends should not only help each other but also share happiness and sadness together.I believe that"A friend in need is a friend indeed.