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   I will graduate from our school.I would like to thank you for all the help you gave me during the three years. You were always so patient when I asked you questions. You listened to them carefully and explained everything so thoroughly. You showed me different ways to practice and remember new words and usage. I felt so encouraged and became more comfortable in speaking English. You made the excercise so interesting that I was always very eager to participate and practice. My English has improved so much. How could I thank you enough!I will be a hard-working student.





    I'm very glad to hear from you. You want to know more about me, now let me tell you something about my family. There are four people in my family, they're my father, my mother, my little sister and I. Both my parents are doctors, my sister and I study in the same school, but she is in Grade Seven and I'm in Grade Nine. We love each other. I have a happy family.

Would you mind telling me something about your family? 

    Please say hello to your family.








    I'm very glad to hear from you.

    There is a picture of my family in the envelope . The man who is in blue T-shirt is my father .And my mother has a short yellow hair .The baby is my sister .And I am a lovely girl who is stand between my father and my mother . Please , give me your family picture .





[ 英语 ] 七 书面表达15分 假设你叫李华,想成为Tom的笔友请你下一封回信给他,信中介绍自己的名字,年龄

Dear Tom, Hello,Tom!My name is LiHua.I'm 10 years old.I from China.China is very beautiful . And I speak Chinese is very well,but I only can speak a little Engl


[ 英语 ] 假设你叫李华,想成为Tom的笔友请你下一封回信给他,信中介绍自己的名字,年龄,来自

Dear Tom, Hello,Tom!My name is LiHua.I'm 10 years old.I from China.China is very beautiful . And I speak Chinese is very well,but I only can speak a little Engl


[ 英语 ] 书面表达(15分)假设你(Li  Hua)想成为Tom的笔友,请你写一封回信给他.信中介绍你自己的名字、年龄、

略 本题写一篇给定要求的回信,信件的内容主要介绍个人的姓名,年龄,国籍,所说语言,爱好,理想和原因,在写作时应注意使用第一人称,同时应注意符合题意,注意语言的准确性和连贯性。


[ 英语 ] 假设你是Li Ming,你给你的笔友Tom寄去了一张你的全家福,然后在信中向他介绍你的全家.信的开头结尾



[ 综合 ] 假设你是Tina,你的笔友Tom给你发了一封电子邮件,信中他诉说了他的烦恼:他最好的朋友要过生日,

Dear Tom: There are some advice.Do not have to buy expensive gifts.You


[ 英语 ] 假设你是Li Ming,你给你的笔友Tom寄出去了一张全家福.然后在信中向他介绍你的全家.字

写职业:My mother is a... My father is a... 再问: 什么意思? 再答: 我父亲是个(职业)再问: 不懂。再问: 你把全部答案发来。再问: 给你采纳。


[ 英语 ] 假设你是李明,你给你的笔友TOM寄去了一张你的全家福,然后在信中向他介绍你的全家.要英文的,还要有中文

Dear Tom, This is a photo of my family. There are four people in my family. The tall man is my father. He's a doctor. The woman with glasses is my mother. She's


[ 英语 ] 假设你是玲玲,你的美国笔友Jane在写给你的信中,介绍了美国卡通人物的情况,请你根据以下

I love cartoons too.In fact,many cartoon figures are very famous in China ,such as:《Donald Duck》,《Mickey Mouse》 and 《Tom and Jerry》.All of the chinese chirldren


[ 英语 ] 书面表达 假设你是玲玲,你的美国笔友Kate在给你的信中介绍了美国卡通人物的情况,请你根据以下提示给她回一封信.提示:1

Hi Kate!Thanks for your email. I like watching cartoons too. And we actually have a lot of American cartoons in China too. Chinese kids are very familiar with a


[ 英语 ] 假设你是玲玲,你的美国笔友Kate在写给你的信中介绍了美国卡通人物的情况,请你根据以下提示给她回一封信

Dear Jane,Thank you for telling me so much about cartoon characters from America.Some of the characters youtold me are also familiar to Chinese kids.For example


[ 英语 ] 假设你是某学生杂志社的编辑Diana,收到了读者Steve的一封来信,信中说了他目前的烦恼,请根据提示,写一封回

格式不对,将就着看.Dear Steve: I am glad to receive your letter.When I was yuang I had the same trouble as you.So I can feel your feeling.I give you some advices to you


[ 英语 ] 假设你是李明,你的美国笔友mike来信说想了解中国中学生的科目,请你写一封回信.作文70词左右.

Dear Mike: In China,Most students have Chinese,geography,art,PE,IT,science,English,maths and history for lessons. Today , we have a Chinese lesson at seven o‘cl


[ 英语 ] 写个英语句子假设你是LI MING你给你的笔友TOW 寄去一张你的全家福 然后在信中向他介绍你的全家 字数在50字左右

There are four people in my family,my parents,my bother and I.My family is pretty good.I’m really happy.My brother is shy and funny.He is good at sports and doe


[ 英语 ] 写一篇英语作文假设你是李华,你的英国笔友Mike即将完成学业,不久前来信就是否到中国工作询问你的意见。请根据以下提示回一

congratulations that you will finished the school soon.I think you shoudl come to China to have a job to do.there are many opportunities in China and what you m


[ 英语 ] 帮我写篇英语文章,假设你叫张玲玲,你的外国笔友Mike打算七月来中国,特来信了解中国的社交习俗...

Dear Mike,Thank you very much for hosting such a wonderful dinner party.I thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many new friends during the party.I look forward to repa


[ 英语 ] 假设你是Tina,你的笔友Tom绐你发了一封电子邮件,信中他诉说了他的烦恼:他最好的朋友要过生日,他的朋友们准备的礼物很

Dear Tom, Glad to hear from you but I am sorry to know that you are so worried about your problem.I know you will celebrate your best friend's birthday.And I th


[ 英语 ] 假设下面是你的一位美国笔友所在学校的基本情况,请把表格中的信息用完整的句子表达出来,写一篇不少于60词的短文向你的同学们

One possible version: My American friend’s school starts at 9:00 a.m. and finished at 4:00 p.m. They have lunch at school. After lunch, they chat with each othe


[ 英语 ] 英语作文 假设你你是李华,你的英国笔友mike发来了电子邮件 询问你所参加的英语俱乐部的一些情况.请你根据以下要点给mi

Hi lihua,Thank you for your e-mail. Let me tell you what I did last sunday. Last Sunday, I did my homework with my mother. When I didn't know how to do some que


[ 综合 ] 英语作文假设你是Frank,最近收到了朋友赵凯的来信,赵凯在信中说自己的英语非常糟糕,想让你给他提一些英语的意见,请你根



[ 英语 ] 英语写作假设你是Li Ming,你给你的笔友Tom寄去了一张你的全家福,然后在信中向他介绍你的全家.信的开头结尾已给出,

How are you doing? Attached is a photo of my family, we all live in the same house,but of course different rooms. My younger brother and I live right opposite t