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    Generally speaking,fish is a kind of species which usually lives in the water.There are various kinds of fish in the world.Some are very common while others are very precious.In fact,fish has many functions and is of vital to people's life.Some countries like Japan have great dependence on fish.And fish is the main food for Japanese.

    Actually,I am very fond of golden fish because it is so beautiful and usually used as a decoration.In a word,fish is very important to human beings.









    There are many kinds of fish,such as,Goldfish,the beautiful fish,many people like to feed them.Tropical fish,they live in the sea.Whale,They are the largest animal in the world.

    They fish sleep without close eyes.Some fish sleep during the day , and some fish sleep at night.Generally sleep through out the night.







    Bob likes eating fish very much.One day his wife bought a fish and took it home.When he saw the fish, he was very happy,"Good! We can have the fish for dinner."When Bob came back home in the evening, he found no fish at all.His wife said, "Oh,the fish was eaten up by the cat." And she gave Bob some bread for supper.Bob was angry. He took the cat and his wife to the shop nearby and weighed the cat.Then he said to his wife, "It is one kilo and the fish is also one kilo.The cat is here. But where is my fish?"




[ 英语 ] 这篇英语作文怎么写?保罗,我叫周亮,今天不用去上学.早晨我与朋友在打篮球.中午吃的是鸡肉与沙拉.下午在看电视.晚上吃的米

Hello! Paul, I'm Zhou Liang. I didn't go to school today. In the morning I played basketball with my friends. At noon I ate chicken and salad. In the afternoon


[ 英语 ] 急需一篇英语作文 要求写一篇日记说说你最难忘的假期

A unforgetable day in my winter holidayIn this Spring Festival,I really had a good time.In the morning,I got up very early and watched a firework with my father


[ 英语 ] 英语作文咋写 关于我的国庆假期计划

I had a long holiday for National Day .I was very happy, because I could do anything I want. During those days. I enjoyed myself. At first, I went to the zoo to


[ 综合 ] 跪求英语作文!写身边(如家庭,学校,家乡等)变化,参考单词:in the past,now,great(ly),impr

Great Changes in My Hometown I used to live in a small town with trees all around. There was no tall building and the only street was narrow. Just outside the t


[ 综合 ] 这篇英语作文怎么写,要求要多写从句,怎么办?急急急急急急急!!!!!

Amy has a cat whose name is Beibei. It has grey fur and white claws and it is very cute and quiet. What Beibei loves best is fish and milk. and it also likes sl


[ 英语 ] 关于春节的英语作文仿写

Chinese Spring Festival celebrating the end of winter and the warmth of spring.It began in the last day of the lunar year,end in the 15th day of lunar New Year,


[ 英语 ] 关于保护历史古迹的英语作文怎么写

根据所给中文提示语,以"Saving the Earth''为题写一篇80字左右的段文.注意语句扩展,意思连惯.段文开头已给出.中文提示语: 1. 任何保护环境已成为世界最大难题之一. 2. 垃圾污染环境、损害健康,不要到处扔垃圾. 3. 废水流到江里、湖里和田地里,污染农作物,杀死大量的鱼. 4. 保持环境干净和整洁


[ 英语 ] 英语作文:写周一至周五你想吃什么 50个单词

I like eat delicious food .I usually eat a apple after dinner on Monday .On Tuesday,I want to eat fish,On Wednesday I would like to eat beaf.I always want to ea


[ 英语 ] 谈谈朋友和自己的业余时间所做的是.英语作文,不要写的太难了.70字左右,

There are certain activities and hobbies that give us immense pleasure and can even make us forget the tensions of everyday life.Hobbies are considered to be a


[ 综合 ] How my hometown has changed!这篇英语作文怎么写,以及翻译

The earthquake happened in my home,there are a lot of family was under pressure in the large stone,waiting for the rescue team to help,some parents have sacrifi


[ 语文 ] 请问,如果英语阅读短文或 完形填空看不懂怎么办?英语作文怎么写?



[ 英语 ] My school day怎个英语作文怎么写(要有中文翻译)快点啊,赶时间

I am XX years old and I study in XXX Middle School.Every morning I get up at seven and have breakfast.And then I go to school at half past seven.Lessons begin a


[ 英语 ] 关于天气的英语作文 要写出季节 人们在做什么 45 至60字

The weather in Beijing is really nicexIn spring,it gets warmer and warmerxAnd the wind sometimes is very strongxAnd in summer,the weather starts getting hotxIt


[ 语文 ] 高一英语作文:写给老师的一封信.

敬爱的xx老师: 您好! 您是我心目中最敬重的好老师,您虽然十分严厉,但是您把一颗心扑在我们身上.您起早贪黑,琢磨着更好的教学方法.您就像蜡烛一样,让我感到前途无限的光明,却燃烧了自己. 树木的成长,离不开阳光雨露,只有他们无私的施舍,才会有生机勃勃.花朵的生活,离不开大地,有了大地提供的营养,才会有花儿的艳丽动人.而


[ 英语 ] I have a good day的英语作文怎么写

To Discribe what you did during the day and make you happy !...


[ 英语 ] 我们为什么要学英语的英语作文怎么写

Why do we learn English If you want to ask me why we should study English, my answer will be simple and clear. Now, more and more people begin to learn English


[ 英语 ] last sunday英语作文怎么写?

I was very busy last Sunday.In the morning I got up at six and helped my mother cook the breakfast.After breakfast I washed the dishes and then I did my homewor


[ 英语 ] 以Shopping centre blaze为题,写英语作文,怎么写

Do not know why shopping mall on the fire.The police are investigating the cause of.At present,the shopping center lost many commodity property.But fortunately


[ 英语 ] 《my friend》的英语作文怎样写?

My friendI have a good friend.She is a pretty girl.She lives in Jiujiang.She is a middle school student.She has big eyes,a small mouth,a small nose and a round


[ 英语 ] 谁知道题目为my friend 的英语作文怎么写?(50词)

My friend I have a good friend.She is a pretty girl.She lives in Jiujiang.She is a middle school student.She has big eyes,a small mouth,a small nose and a round