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    On a sunny afternoon, ny mother, with her father in her arms, was walking on the platform of Shanghai railway station, and she was ready to pick up her grandmother. It was so blue that you could see the birds flying overhead, and occasionally the sound of bombs.

    My grandma's train arrived at last. My parents told xiao Ming to sit on the bench.

    They went to pick up xiao Ming's grandmother. Suddenly,a loud bang like chunlei, the Japanese invaders in. Xiao lMing still didn't understand what happened, the bench had been turned over by the waves, xiao Ming fell on the ground and hurried to find his parents. However, the picture was completely changed: the busy railway station turned into a heap of ruins,a vast sea of people disappeared, and some of them were killed by a bomb. Some are injured; There was a hasty departure from the railway station. The earth flowed with blood. Xiaoming watched in horror as everything in sight, sitting on the ground crying immediately, the smoke permeated in the air, no one spoke to xiao Ming, xiao Ming tried to shout:"dad, mom,"but father and mother can no longer promised him...

    How many people's families are torn apart by the abominable war; How many people are homeless; How many children are as pathetic as xiao Ming. Hope that the god of peace will live forever and stop the war and make the world a home for peace.











    In the modern world, peace and development have become two major themes. But some areas in the world are still involved in wars. Take the ongoing lraqi War for example.

    The war is hurting people's welfare. So people all over the world pay a lot of attention to these issues.

    People usually compare wars to disasters. They are right because wars often bring about not only great harm to people but also a lot of waste of wealth. During wartime, people's lives become so miserable that they don't have enough food to eat and no shelter to live in. And in destroyed cities, the residents find themselves homeless all of a sudden, in addition, if a country wants to win a war, it has to spend a lot of money on both arms and armed forces. Then there is very little money left to develop its economy.

    Even if the country wins the war, it is still difficult for it to recover from the damage of the war.

    In a word, whether the world can develop steadily depends on whether the world is at peace. So peace and development are still hot topics in the world.I am sure that the majority of people who love peace will appeal for a world without war.












    Our world today is faced with many major threats. The most dangerous threat of all is war. Each war starts for a particular reason, but there are a number of steps countries can take to prevent its outbreak.

    On main reason for war is the difference in ideology. In order to control the world, capitalist countries never stop trying to tam over the communist governments.

    Land ownership is also a reason that countries declare wars on their neighbors. For example, if oil is found on the land in one country, that land may be claimed by another country, for historical reasons, and the latter is likely to declare war in order to recover the land containing oil.

    To prevent the mutual slaughter of human beings, countries shouldtry to solve their differences through international organizations such as the United Nations or by other peaceful means. In addition, the world people should never stop condemning those warmongers and send them to their graves if they dare launch new wars.







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