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    I have a wide range of collections of treasures, of which an umbrella tops first. I happened to get this special gift on a cloudy day, which turned out to be pouring rain afterwards. On my way home, I was awkward at the school gate not only because of the heavy rain but also because of my refusal to take the umbrella from my mother earlier when it was cloudy. I regretted for not having taken her words that preparation in advance would reduce the loss to the least. However, to my surprise, my mother came into my sight, with that umbrella and with great care at that moment. Life is full of small things. But they are also of great lessons we can learn from. This umbrella I have kept with me from then has always reminded me that make preparations in advance and get closer to success.





    My pencil-case has a very nice picture .Guess,What is it?It’s an aeroplane.It’s green ,red ,yellow and white.

    My pencil-case has floors Mr ballpen and Mrs ruler live on the first floor .Mr pen and Mrs ruler live on the second floor.Many Mr pencil and Mrs colourful pencils live on the third floor.They’re my good friends.





      I would like to give my opinion about the Internet.

      More and more students here are starting using the Internet,through which they can get a great deal of the latest information.They can enjoy lessons given by the best teachers of net-schools at home.And it is easy and convenient to keep in touch with friends by sending and receiving e-mails.

     On the other hand,some students have spent too much time chatting on the net.And there is still something harmful to the students.For example,computer games are popular among young students.This makes them lose control of themselves.They spend most of their time playing computer games instead of studying,which causes their grades to drop sharply.

    In my opinion,I suggest that students should be good at using the Internet for their studies and not be on line for too long.Just keep a balance,and everything will turn out to be fine.



[ 英语 ] 以校园生活为题材,写一篇英语作文 My school life

my school life I am a student,so as for me,school is a interesting place .I really enjoy it .For example ,I frenqent com municat together with the schoolmate.an


[ 英语 ] 小学到中学的生活和学习,写一篇英语作文,40词左右,句中有used to用法

I used to be very lazy but now I have got ride of this bad habit. For example, I used to asking others to help me instead of thinking by myself. With time goes


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have a healthy lifestyleWe all know it’s important to have a healthy lifestyle.Becauae if we have a good lifestyle,we will be full of energy.But how we can have


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dear pen pal, i am very excited that there are great changes on me.this year i get five a,s in chinese,mathematic ,physics ,chemical ,english exams.they are bey


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My school is very beautiful. It is in Guicheng, near the Qiandeng Lake. Do you know it? It is Nanhai Experimental Primary School. I like my school very much. Th


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Dear Alice,  As a teenager,I met the same problem as you.But now I can get along better with mymother.Here are some ideas for you.  Your mother talks much,becau


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  This year's National Day holiday to 8 days,we have to travel.However,because the traffic is too large,many tourists in micro-blog " about ":the emergence of a


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The morning to get up a cigarette,then do not eat breakfastTake a nap at noon to afternoonThe afternoon to play games in the eveningNight stick masturbation bef


[ 化学 ] 少年时期养成良好的习惯是一人生的财富请你以时间顺序介绍一下你一天的生活写一篇英语作文

不会有人可以帮你写 人一定要靠自己


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牛 再问: ���ܺ��������ݰ���1�������壬2����ҵ��3�����


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Pandas are endangered animals now.They look similar with chubby bodies and black circles around their eyes.They all have short furry limbs and they all like eat


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Yesterday ,I went to my freind Ann's birthday party.It was very interesting!The birthday party at night.Her's father bought some food and dranks for us.Mary’s m


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Dear Mr. Brown,How is everything going on?As you know, the summer holiday is coming. Our classmate are going to spend their holiday on different ways. Some of t


[ 英语 ] 写一篇英语作文,以my week为题写一篇不少于五句话的作文,简单地介绍一下你当然周末生活。

I have a week 再答: I am happy再问: 什么?五句再问: 还有吗 再答: I am do my homework s at weekend s 再答: I can play basketball with my sister再问: 额 再答: I like weekend s


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英语作文Jack is a middle school student. He studies in HongXiong Middle School. He is a hard-working student. Every day he gets up at 6:00 and then dresses himself


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Great changes have taken place in people's life in the past 20 years.Ln the past,people kept in touch with friends mainly by sending letters.They eat their meal


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Leonardo is a actor.She was born on 1974,Nov.11 in The United States of California.When she was five ,her family had separation.She began to be an actor in the


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《二十年后回故乡》作文范例学生习作 2009-09-25 14:12 阅读6216 评论85 字号: 大大 中中 小小 1、《二十年后回故乡》 20年后我乘着飞机带着朋友来参观自己的故乡故乡的水已经变的清澈见底,马路已经变的很宽敞来来往往的汽车都很漂亮,故乡到处高楼大厦外婆家住在一做高楼大厦的10楼的房子上. 故乡每一


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