1.Jim is a drawing beautiful pictures. 2.Mr Wang is a busy man.3,The cat is very happy.改写感叹句


1.Jim is a drawing beautiful pictures. 2.Mr Wang is a busy man. 3,The cat is very happy.

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1.what a beautiful picture Jim is drawing!

2.How busy a man Mr. Wang is !

3.How happy the cat is!

what修饰名词,how 修饰形容词,副词或动词,感叹句结构主要有以下几种:   感叹句较为容易,仅需掌握它的搭配,基本上掌握了感叹句的重点。   How +形容词+ a/an +可数名词单数+ 陈述语序(主+谓)



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