围绕my family写一篇英语作文



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my family作文一

   I was born in a family of three. My father is an ordinary worker and earns money by hard work. Mother has been absent from work because she has to take care of my life. Although the family is not very rich, but also hungry, sometimes I also envy the big house of my classmates, but I still very grateful to my parents, because they have tried to give me the best. I want to give them the best things I can when I grow up.






my family作文二

   My family consists of me, my parents and grandparents. Because my parents are busy with their work, they usually take care of me. Sometimes grandparents are a little fierce, but I know they are all for my good, so I like my grandparents very much. I hope grandparents can live a long and healthy life.






my family作文三

   I have a long and lovely mother. She often asked me to help her do things, but I would refuse them at once. Then when my mother couldn't see me, I would secretly try to get things done so that my mother could not find out. Yes, I'm a man with a different tongue. Neither of my sisters wanted to listen to my mother, so I became my mother's baby daughter. My relatives and family all said that my mother had a partiality for me.

   I have a wicked uncle and father. He's like me. He's a dubious person. Maybe I'm like my father's gene. Whenever I ask my dad to buy and do something, my dad will relentlessly refuse. I can only convince him by my ability to spread the bridge. He accepted me unexpectedly. In fact, my dad is a bit outward looking, everything else is perfect!





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I have been to all the usual beach holiday resorts and I think my favourite place of all has to be Turkey, the Turks are so funny and friendly. The Turkish bath


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Ladies and gentlemen: Good morning! Today, my speech is “I am the part of the Green Olympics”. The Olympic Games will be held in our country in two years’ time.


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the love i dream ofRead,I have a dream.I hope to have a basketball; when I had time for basketball,but also want a football; when I kicked a time when football,


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Language in AdvertisementAs everybody can see, advertisement has permeated almost every possible area of the world. Besides the beautiful pictures and the famou


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We should effectively establish a sense of time. Heart of global, around-oriented, based on the campus. Seized seized many curved peel back paper, first of all,


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Nowadays,the environmental pollution is becoming worse and worse,this has drawn the attention of public,the reasons are as follows.First,many more factories are


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there are four seasons in china.they are spring ,summer ,fall and winter.in south of china ,the spring is warm,flowers and green leaves come out.we can fly kite


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Low-carbon life is the lifestyle of the time to minimize energy consumption,thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions.Low-carbon life,for those of us ordinary p