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    You're not the sea, you're not connected to the sky, you're just a stream, trying your best to be a part of it; you're not the sun, you can't warm the earth, you're just the stars on the horizon, you're using all the brightness to embellish the darkness; you're not a towering tree, you're just the seeds scattered around it, you can only store the essence of the earth, waiting for the earth to sprout; I'm not good, so I'm not good. We can only try to do better. Be the best of yourself and be worthy of yourself.







    I saw a movie called "The Ugly Girl Turns Up". It tells about the transformation of a girl who chooses to have plastic surgery for her beloved because of her obesity and ugliness. After plastic surgery, she became a famous singer by virtue of her beautiful appearance and the good voice that she was born to sing. From then on, she lives as Jenny. She can no longer secretly look at the person she has been in love with for a long time. She can no longer worry about her figure as before. No longer secretly dubbing for others behind the scenes, but her best friend left her, and she could not recognize her father. She abandoned her original life and her original self. Finally, she summoned up the courage to clarify the facts to everyone, became Hannah again, found herself, and became the best of herself.

    Perhaps many times, we forget to appreciate ourselves, always unsatisfied with ourselves, lack of self-confidence; Perhaps many times, we are too fond of imagination, refuse to accept the reality; Perhaps many times, we will be at a loss, do not know the real purpose of living, do not know how to live, for whom to live. In fact, when we begin to love ourselves, everything will become, love the most real self, be the best self, in order to be ourselves, survive in the world, to prove to everyone that the best self is the ultimate goal of our life, no matter which way we go, to strive towards this end, it is a struggle, but also responsibility, and responsibility to ourselves.








    It is a rather difficult process for caterpillars to change into butterflies. Caterpillars do not seek food and do not want to grow if they always stay in their infancy.

When in the cocoon, there is not enough strength to break through the cocoon, only in the cocoon waiting for death. On the contrary, it can constantly improve itself and eventually become a beautiful butterfly, a new member of nature, and strive for its future. Isn't that a pleasant thing to do?

    Young men do not work hard, but old men do not work hard. To be a better self, we should cultivate this spirit from an early age. To gain some honor or reputation, don't stop working hard for it, but to achieve the realm of "living old, striving to old". Only by surpassing ourselves and being better ourselves before every opportunity can we embody better value. Only in this way, there will be no regrets or sighs in old age. Life is the same, depending on whether you are willing to do better!

    Be a better person and release more moving charm of life!







[ 英语 ] 请以how to learn english为题写一篇英语作文,说说你是怎样学习英语的.提示:1

还有就是 我现在学的ABC夭下在线的助教和我提到,若想将英语学好是不难的 绝对有个恰当的研习环境与实习口语对象 重点就是老师教学经验,口语标准非常重要,持续每日练习口语 一对一家教式辅导才能有最.好.的进步效率!学习后仍要重复温习课堂录音档,好巩固知识点 若真的是没有练习对象的环境,可以去可可或大耳朵取得课余学习材料研


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English plays a very important role in present life.We need to learn it well.As to the ways to learn,i have the following suggestions for you.First,practice mak


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如果你们用的不会是 外语学校与研究出版社的 新标准的书的话,去搜索七年级下,第11模块的第1课的课文参考一下吧


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这是个虚拟语气的句子,所以应该这样说 if I were thereBeijing is a beautiful place and I am dreaming about a chance to go there.So I think if I were there i would do many things .F


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Welcome to my placeMy hometown is near JinjiLake. The air here is very fresh and the water in the lake is also very clean. My home is not far from our school. I


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I want to be an English teacher in the futureIt has been my focus of interest to learn and share the experience in learning languages.Currently I am teaching cl


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Why we learn English我们为什么学习英语The English language has become an international language because it is used by people in the most countries in the world now.因为世界上


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My dream is to be a teacher,because i like to be with young people I'm working hard now so that my dream will come true in the future .i used to be a naughty st


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I think computers change my life. Before computers were widely used, I had to go to the library to look up information that I wanted. I often spent much time on