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     career常和professional搭配成professional career,意思是职业生涯。


     1.Somehow Karin managed to cope with the demands of her career. 


     2.She dusted herself down and left to build her own career. 


     3.Talent, hard work and sheer tenacity are all crucial to career success. 


     4.What career opportunities her company can offer.


     5.Her brothers are both career diplomats.


     6.The car was careering down the road.


     7.My grandfather was a career teacher; it's the only job he'd ever done.


     8.She started her career as an English teacher.




[ 英语 ] 英语单词造句⑴aloud⑵pronunciation⑶differently⑷quickly⑸pronounce⑹slo

⑴aloudSpeak aloud please.⑵pronunciationHis pronunciation is poor.⑶differentlyHe treats these two books differently.⑷quicklyHe went back quickly to get the umbre


[ 英语 ] some time (一些时间),sometime (有时)造句,some time(各次),sometime(某时)造

1)some time是名词短语,它的意思是“一段时间”.She's been ailing for some time.她身体不适已有一段时间了It took me some time to digest what I had heard.我花了一些时间才把听到的东西弄明白.2)sometime是副词,意思是“在某个


[ 英语 ] 英语单词造句(要解释句子意思) 动植物都行50个

1、Sheep provide us with wool. 羊供给我们羊毛.2、I give my dog a bone. 我给了我的狗一根骨头.3、Cheetah is a very dangerous animal. 猎豹是一种很危险的动物.4、We can not believe crocodile's tear


[ 英语 ] take in /down/over/on/off/up/ to /away 请分别造句,如有其他·类似短语,请写出解释

实在是太多了,后面的一些不常用的就没有造句了,如果需要的话可以对问题进行补充哦1. take after 长相或举止像 (某个长辈)(不用进行时)Mary really takes after her mother; she has the same eyes,nose and hair. 玛丽真像她妈妈,眼睛、鼻子和


[ 综合 ] 用be good for 句型造句 最少5个

1.The Olympics will be good for business.奥运会的召开对促进商业发展有好处.2.What time would be good for you?你什么时间方便?3.She would be good for the job.她做这工作很合适.4.A daily dozen wou


[ 英语 ] 用这几个短语造句 高分!(句子越长越好,并翻译)

To an example To take Smith learn how to play guitar as an example.就拿史密斯怎么学习谈吉他的例子来说.in comparison This book is funny and easy to understand in compar


[ 英语 ] long term造句

1.In the short term we will lose money,but in the long term the profits will be very large.短期内我们会赔钱,但从长远看,利润将会是丰厚的.2.We must aim for world peace in the long ter


[ 英语 ] 帮忙用take up造句,take up要用开始从事,占据的意思.

He takes up his career by selling newpaper.他的事业开始于卖报纸.The box takes up much room in my study.箱子在我书房占据了很大空间.


[ 英语 ] 用这几个短语造句 (句子越长越好,并翻译)

To an example To take Smith learn how to play guitar as an example.就拿史密斯怎么学习谈吉他的例子来说.in comparison This book is funny and easy to understand in compar


[ 英语 ] 请用 look back造句

两个都有回顾的意思,只是look back多了一个回头看的意思look back 回头看例句:Looking back the way we had come,we could see the whole valley spread out behind us.回头看来路时,我们可以看见整个河谷展现在身后.look b


[ 英语 ] bloom的中文意思,并造句

n.花[U].开花期/盛期.vi.开花.涌现/盛行.eg.花/开花 都简单.直接用就是,不举例了.注意作"花"时不可数.因为它通常指一棵树上的所有花..开花期/盛期:He is a great singer,but he died in his bloom of career.他是个伟大的歌手,但他在他事业的高峰期就去


[ 英语 ] 用however,besides,for example造句

Later,however,he made up his mind to go.可是,后来他决定去了.I don't want to go; besides,I'm too tired.我不想去,再说我也太累了.I know many women who have a career and a family—Kehr


[ 英语 ] 用successful,trainer,powerful,outfit 造句,一个单词一句话

She has a very successful career. 她的事业非常成功.He is a trainer in this school. 他是这所学校的教练员.What he said just now was very powerful. 他刚才所说的非常有震撼力.She was wearing an e


[ 英语 ] 有moved(搬)造句三个

1.Fortunately,things have moved on.幸运的是事情已经有所进展.2.We moved to washington for career reasons.我们搬家到华盛顿特区是出于工作原因.3.The central bank moved fast and never fell behin


[ 英语 ] take liberty with造句

Lewis was about to embark on a three-stranded career.I must take the liberty of differing with you.


[ 英语 ] 英语造句1.add up 2.add to 3.add…to… 4.add up to 5.祈使句……and…… 6.g

1.You can add up 4 and 5 to get 9.2.The spoiled boy adds to the burden of his parents.3.Don't add any more problems to the problem set,professor!4.His teaching


[ 英语 ] 求助100个英语动词造句,

1.I hate hiking and I’m not into classical music.2.I surf the Internet all the time and I like playing computer games.3.Rock music is OK,and so is skiing.4.Chuc


[ 英语 ] 英语单词求造句 急用!

Please fill out the form in block capitals.The flowers in the garden are now in full bloom.The  I saw that I had been guilty of a careless blundertrees are


[ 英语 ] late和later的区别,各造句,

latelateAHD:[l��t] D.J.[leit]K.K.[let]adj.(形容词), lat.est缩写 l.Coming, occurring, or remaining after the correct, usual, or expected time; delayed:迟的,晚的:比正确


[ 语文 ] 像老子这样的词语,字的读音不同,意思也不同,该如何造句

(lao zi)两个都是三声:我国春秋末年道家学派创始人造句:老子创建了道家学派.(lao zi)第一个是三声,第二个是一声(或轻声):嚣张的自称造句:他上下打量着对面瘦骨嶙峋的人,毫不客气地说:“你是谁?老子是阎王爷他儿子!”