There are many trees on----of the street .there are a lot of


There are many trees on____of the street .there are a lot of fiowers on ____of the street. side :other sides side:the other side C.the one side,other sides side:the other sides
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[ 英语 ] 我最喜欢的动物英语作文怎么写?

我最喜欢的动物英语作文一    My favorite animal is rabbit. its name is sweet. sweet has long ears. it’s very small. it’s white. it has a short tail. it has red eyes. it like


[ 英语 ] keeping safe on the street作文怎么写?

keeping safe on the street作文一    It's very important for us to keep safe on the street. We should obey the traffic rules. When the red light is on, we must stop


[ 英语 ] 校园活动的英语作文怎么写?

校园活动的英语作文一     We have a lot of activities after school. All of us enjoy them very much.We can improve ourselves and keep healthy by them . For example, on Janu


[ 英语 ] To go shopping英语作文怎么写?

To go shopping英语作文一    Today is sunny.i go shopping with my friends.we went to shopping mall.we go to see many T-shirt.they are colorful and beautiful.after tha


[ 英语 ] bring back to life怎么造句?

    bring back to life的意思是使复活、给…以活力。     bring back to life造句:     1、The doctor used artificial respiration to bring the patient back to life.医生用人工呼吸使病人恢复生命。  


[ 英语 ] 有关旅游的英语作文怎么写?

  有关旅游的英语作文一     This summer holiday I went to Guilin with my parents.     The First day,we went to Du Xiu moutain and visited a museum.The museum was very


[ 英语 ] May Day英语作文怎么写?

May Day作文一     May Day is coming. We have a long holiday. We are very happy. Because we can play games or visit our friends during the holidays. I want to do my


[ 英语 ] 请以My Trip为题,写一篇不少于80词的作文

My Trip作文一    I went on a trip to Hainan with my family on during the holiday.We went there by plane. After we got off the plane, we went to the beach to see th


[ 英语 ] 请以“环境污染的危害”为题写一篇不少于80词的英语作文

环境污染的危害英语作文一     Pollution is harmful to human beings. Polluted water causes many kinds of diseases And sometimes these diseases even take man's life. Dirty air


[ 英语 ] 请以“人与人之间的信任”为题写一篇英语作文

人与人之间的信任英语作文一     Friends are important for us, everyone has their own friends, we share sorrow and happiness with our friends. We are making new friends now an


[ 英语 ] 请以“我的一天”为题写一篇英语作文

我的一天英语作文一     Today is Saturday.I can stay in bed late.Usually I get up at eight.Then I wash the clothes,take a shower and brush my teeth.At 8:30,I have breakfa


[ 英语 ] 请帮我找几篇关于腊八节的英语作文

腊八节英语作文一     The Laba Festival,the day in most parts of China have the custom of eating Laba porridge.Laba is a harvest year with eight fresh food and fruits bo


[ 英语 ] 理想中的机器人英语作文怎么写?

理想中的机器人英语作文一     I invented a robot. This robot is similar to a real person. It not only helps us do housework, but also helps me do my homework. Let's first ta


[ 英语 ] 我的理想职业英语作文怎么写?

  我的理想职业英语作文一     Hello!I am a student now.Of all the jobs,I like teachers best.I want to be a teacher in the future.They are very busy.They can give lesso


[ 英语 ] 请用一篇英语短文介绍你的学校

我的学校英语作文一     Our school is a beautiful and elegant environment school, although it is not too great, but as beautiful as the garden. Every student, are deeply


[ 英语 ] 请围绕“我家附近的建筑物”写一篇不少于50字的英语作文

我家附近的建筑物作文一     My favorite building is Zhuhai Fishing Girl,which is located at the scenic Xianglu Bay,in Hai bin Park.The statue is composed of granite and sta


[ 英语 ] 以“世界环境日”为主题的英语作文怎么写?

《世界环境日》作文一       Sunday, my mother and I go to buy vegetables.I went to the vegetable market on the edge of the river, on the surface of the river is in a plast


[ 英语 ] We planted these trees in 1997请改成被动语态

    原句的意思是我们在1997年种了这些树。     被动语态:These trees were planted(by us) in 1997. 其中by us假如说话双方都知道的情况下可以省略.     被动语态就是把原句的宾语作为修改后句子的主语,谓语用被动语态。 


[ 英语 ] 请以“yesterday ”为题写一篇作文,要求150个词左右。

参考一     Last weekend my parents and I went to the park for fun.We set out at 8:00 in the morning,and got there at 8:30.We saw a lot of people there.Some of them


[ 语文 ] 要珍惜身边哪些资源?要怎样珍惜资源?

参考一     Dear editor, Last week our class held a class meeting in our classroom. Its aim is "Take good care of public property and treasure resources". It was ho