We went to the swimming river

[ 英语 ] 关于端午节的英语作文怎么写?

关于端午节的英语作文一     The Dragon Boat Festival, also called the Duanwu Festival, is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month according to the Chinese calendar.

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[ 英语 ] 我的弟弟英语作文怎么写?

我的弟弟英语作文一     During May Day holiday, I went to my uncle's home to meet my new little bother and he is a baby. My little bother has got big eyes, a small nose,

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[ 英语 ] How to spend a Meaningful summer holiday英语作文怎么写?

How to spend a Meaningful summer holiday英语作文一     Different people may have different ways of spending a meaningful summer holiday.I think I must finish doing m

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[ 英语 ] 有关旅游的英语作文怎么写?

  有关旅游的英语作文一     This summer holiday I went to Guilin with my parents.     The First day,we went to Du Xiu moutain and visited a museum.The museum was very

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[ 英语 ] 请以My Trip为题,写一篇不少于80词的作文

My Trip作文一    I went on a trip to Hainan with my family on during the holiday.We went there by plane. After we got off the plane, we went to the beach to see th

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[ 英语 ] A plan for my summer holiday的英语小作文不少于五句话

A plan for my summer holiday作文一     I am going to have a busy summer holiday because I will do my homework every day so that I can finish doing it as quickly as

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[ 英语 ] bike sharing英语作文怎么写?

bike sharing英语作文一      Ofo has been favored by the public,even the foreign people speak highly of it.These yellow bikes can be found everywhere,so the people wh

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[ 英语 ] 请帮我找几篇有关运动的英语作文

有关运动的英语作文一     Of all the sports,I like swimming best.I think swimming is interesting.It can build up my body too.In summer,I usually go to swim with my classma

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[ 英语 ] diss是什么梗?

     diss是Disrespect或是Disparage的简写,意思是轻视、贬低。它是Hip Hop中的一个重要的文化组成部分,rapper之间用这种唱歌的方式来互相贬低对方。随着这几年嘻哈文化的崛起,diss这个词也频繁出现在广大网民的视野之内。      今年diss最多的就是吴亦凡了,因为《中国有嘻哈》这个

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[ 英语 ] keep healthy作文200字怎么写?

keep healthy作文一      It's important for us to be healthy all our life.We can't study or work well without heal thy body.      There're many ways to keep heal th

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[ 英语 ] 以“世界环境日”为主题的英语作文怎么写?

《世界环境日》作文一       Sunday, my mother and I go to buy vegetables.I went to the vegetable market on the edge of the river, on the surface of the river is in a plast

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[ 英语 ] 假如你是李华,是某中学高一学生,你班新来一位美国交换生Jack,请你给他写一封电子邮件,

Dear Jack,       Hello,I am your classmate Li Hua.Is it all right to get to this school?Is learning difficult?If you need anything, you can turn to me.I know al

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[ 英语 ] 假如你是李磊,你要用英文介绍自己,怎么说?

参考一     My name is lilei .  I am a school boy . I am 12 years old this year. I live in Beijing with my parents and my sister Lily. We go to the same school toge

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[ 英语 ] 以Shanghai为题,写一篇英语作文

第一篇     Shanghai is in the east of China. Many years ago, it was a small fishing village. Only a few thousand people lived there. People were fishermen. But tod

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[ 英语 ] 求简单的英语小故事,要英汉互译还要读出来。

第一篇 A tiger is hungry,he is looking for food.He sees a frog in front of him. 一只老虎很饥饿,他正在寻找食物。他看到一只青蛙在他前面。 "Haha!A frog!My dinner!"so he rushes at the frog. “哈哈!

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[ 英语 ] 写一篇关于描述我的英语作文。

第一篇     Hello everyone. lMy name is Gong Yanyan.I'm a happy girl.I'm thirteen years old. I have two big eyes and my hair is long.I'm studying in Class 11, Grade

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[ 英语 ] 我叫刘薇今年10岁了性别女我喜欢画画和游泳,英语翻译

   My name is Liu Wei, I am 10 years old, I like drawing and swimming.

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[ 英语 ] 我最喜欢的运动,英语作文

第一篇     Many people like to do some sports in their free time,I like too.But everyone have a sport that they like most.So,today,I want to talk about my favorite

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[ 英语 ] 求暑假英语日记,20词到30词,越简单越好

第一篇     It was the first day of our summer holiday. All of us were very happy. Why? Because we have one months to do things we love to do. We are free.Although

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[ 英语 ] A visit to Beijing. 北京游记英文初一水平60词

第一篇     My trip of beijing is perfect.The Great Wall is my first stop and it is spectacular, completely worthy of the name. of course i took some photos there.n

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