his words made me happily

[ 英语 ] To go shopping英语作文怎么写?

To go shopping英语作文一    Today is sunny.i go shopping with my friends.we went to shopping mall.we go to see many T-shirt.they are colorful and beautiful.after tha

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[ 英语 ] 阅读的重要性英语作文怎么写?

阅读的重要性英语作文一     A good book is the essence of human thought.People need to constantly absorbing nutrition from the book,enrich their minds,enhance their own qua

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[ 英语 ] 用laugh怎么造句?

    laugh的意思是笑; 发笑; 嘲笑; (特别表示因成功而) 处于有利地位。    含有laugh的常见短语有:    1.belly laugh n.捧腹大笑    2.laugh at 1.因..而笑;对..笑2.嘲笑3.漠视;蔑视    3.laugh away 用笑来驱除,笑着消磨    4.laugh

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[ 英语 ] 20年后的我英语作文怎么写?

20年后的我作文一     I will become more and more richer after twenty years. Everything will change. For example:I will not go to schoool for study,I won't go out to wo

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[ 英语 ] 围绕An Happy Day怎么写英语作文?

An Happy Day作文一    When the summer holiday comes, I will be very happy, because my family and I will go to travel. I like travel so much, I can not only see the

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[ 英语 ] 以“我的父母”为题怎么写英语作文?

我的父母作文一     My father is a peasant. Four years ago he came to the city, and found a job. And then my mother and I moved here. At that time, my father earned lit

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[ 英语 ] 请围绕“奉献爱心”写一篇英语作文

参考一     Nowadays people in the society become more and more indifferent,helping others seems like an incomprehensible thing to many people.But,helping others wi

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[ 英语 ] 请写一篇学校活动的英语日记,要求10句话左右。

  参考一     Yesterday we played happily, but there were only ten people. I remembered last year there were twenty-two people at all. I heard some my friends

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[ 英语 ] 请帮我找几篇平安夜的英语作文,300字左右

参考一     December 24 last year, my mother and I spent a happy night.I remember that night, bright lights on the streets, steady stream of vehicles. As my mother

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[ 英语 ] 求关于圣诞节的英语作文500字

参考一     It was one of the last days before christmas, and the as sistants in the large store had their hands full serving eager christmas shoppers.     At one c

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[ 英语 ] 以我的暑假生活为题目 英语作文

第一篇     The summer holiday is coming .And I always like holiday because it's most exciting.I have some plans. First,the summer holiday is very hot so I must go

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[ 综合 ] 吉林省长春汽车经济技术开发区2018届九年级上学期期末...

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[ 综合 ] Unit 6_法律资料_人文社科_专业资料

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[ 综合 ] 冬令营 - 副本_法律资料_人文社科_专业资料

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[ 英语 ] 英语翻译他一般都7:00去上学,不过这些天他在7:30去上学她现在要去图书馆,但是她以前从不在周末去图书馆他们从不玩电子

Usually he goes to school at 7 o'clock while these days are at 7:30.Now she is going to liberary ,but she never went there in weekends .They never play computer

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[ 英语 ] 英语翻译从前呢,有只小白兔,有一天它挖到一直好大的胡萝卜.他高高兴兴的把胡萝卜往家里搬得时候,半路上杀出一只穿山甲,穿山

Once upon a time,a little white rabbit,one day it has been dug to big carrot.He happily took the carrot to move home when,halfway out of a pangolin,Yama Kouchi

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[ 英语 ] 一些英语的问题!思想家,胜利者和发明家用英语怎么写?HERE的同音词是什么,HAPPY的副词是什么,OUTSIDE反意词


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[ 英语 ] 英语翻译现在正值金融危机,我相信中国能在危机中挺过来.我相信在党和国家的领导下人民能过上更幸福快乐的日子.

Now when the financial crisis,I believe China will be able to survive in a crisis.I believe in the party and the country under the leadership of the people live

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[ 英语 ] The man________visited our school yesterday is from London.


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[ 英语 ] This afternoon I was having a PE lesson while I fell down an

小题1: while → when   小题2: greatly → great   小题3: has → had   小题4: walk → walking  小题5: but → and      小题6: result前加a      小题7:bad →  worse   小题8: his → their  小题

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