be surprise at sth造句

[ 英语 ] argue with sb about sth造句

We argued with the waiter about the price of the meal.我们跟服务员争执那顿饭的价钱.

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[ 英语 ] help sb with sth造句只要2个就好

I am willing to help you with your English.My teacher often helps me with my maths.(*^__^*)...嘻嘻

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[ 英语 ] lt takes sb some time to do sth 造句

it takes的主语是it,这是第三人称,一般现在时一定要加s的.而且some time是代指一段时间,你可以改成 2 hours, 1 day, 3 months等等.不要说some time.建议改成:It takes me two hours to study English everyday.学习英语每天花费

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[ 英语 ] 用there be sb doing sth 造句

There are some man swimming in the river.

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[ 英语 ] don't you do sth=why not do sth造句,词组造20句子,

1 Why don't you call me any more?你为什么不再给我打电话了?.2 Why don't you read the book?3 Why don't you look for a new job?你为什么不找一份新的工作?4 Why don't you want to swim?你为什么不想

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[ 英语 ] help sb to do sth造句

I help my mother to do housework.help的用法:可以是help sb do sth 也可以是help sb to do sth.这里的to可以省略.希望我的答案对你有帮助

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[ 英语 ] 用help others,be does to sb,talk to sb about sth 造句

my friend xxx always help others,be kind to animals,talks to me about her favourite things

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[ 英语 ] 怎样用invite sb to do sth造句

Do you want to invite me to play basketball?你想邀请我去打篮球吗?

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[ 英语 ] 用it is adj sb to do sth造句 5例

it is easy for me to answer that questionit is difficult for me to work out this problemit is necessary for me to finish my homeworkit is unnecessary for me to

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[ 英语 ] have a good time doing sth造句

to be honest,we have a good time on Christmas day

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[ 综合 ] 用meile、would like sb to do sth 和want sb to do sth造句

1.would like sb to do sth想要某人做某事例:I would like you to go away.我想要你走开.I would like= I'd like缩写He'd like you to come.他想要你来.Would you like me to buy you some food?

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[ 英语 ] 用tell sb to do sth造句

Our teather tell us to finish this work at home.老师让我们在家完成这些作业.

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[ 英语 ] 用 take sb sometimes to do sth 造句(3句)

I take you hour to play football.以此类推

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[ 英语 ] 用need to do sth.和agree to do sth.造句

先说need to do sthneed可以作情态动词也可以作普通动词.当它为情态动词的时候,肯定形式就是need do sth.当它是普通动词时候,肯定形式是need to do sth.由此,此处为动词形式.例句:I need to do my homework.agree to do sth.意为同意某事例句:H

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[ 英语 ] fight with sb about sth 造句

he fights with others about the basketball!他经常因为篮球和别人打架.

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[ 英语 ] help sb with sth造句

I can help you with your homework.

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[ 英语 ] help sb sth,help with sth,help sb do sth.造句

没有help sb sth的用法啊.但是可以说:help sb do sth = help sb with sth = help sb to do sth造一组同义句给楼主看一下:He helps me learn English.= He helps me with my English.= He helps me

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[ 语文 ] tell sb.about sth.造句

about是介词 是关于的意思I tell Mike about his mom是对的

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[ 英语 ] tell sb to do sth造句

The teacher tells us to do our homework.The teacher always tell us to study hard.The teacher tell us to clean the windows The teacher often tells us to study ha

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[ 英语 ] 用ask/tell sb.not to do sth.造句!请翻译句子中文!

让\告诉某人不要做某事He ask/tell me not to swim in that lake.他告诉我不要在那个湖里游泳.My mother tell me not to stay up late.我妈妈告诉我不要熬夜.

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